photec! HAKODATE aerialphotoscenery full version

Now you can order the photec!HAKODATE photoscenery full version from :

Final Approach Co.,LTD


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Covered area : the entire KAMEDA PENINSULA, including the HAKODATE area

++Product detail++

Required capacity of HDD : 500MB

This is an add-on for MicrosoftFlightSimulator2002/2004 and includes :
- HAKODATE photoscenery full version
- elevation data (LOD10)
- objects (names of places)
- detailed coastline (default style)
- printed images :one large color photo of the entire HAKODATE area ( approx. 21cm X 22cm )
and two smaller color images to calibrate the display (approx. 14cm X 10cm )

Attention :
This is an add-on software for MicrosoftFlightSimulator2002/2004.
The maximum installation of FS2002/FS2004 on your PC is required to use this scenery.

++How to order++
Sorry, ordering method is only by sending us a money order.
Please click on this order form and using your printer, make a copy, fill it out completely and send it to us with your money order.
US$40 per a set (includes shipping)

After we have received your order with the money order included, we will notify you by e-mail.
We will process your order and ship it to you immediately after we receive it.

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